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Stay away from ebay..


If you are a seller, they have turned it to a turmoil to sell to decent people. Now with their guarantees they fuck over the seller and they have all the power to do it. As a seller we have no say if someone claims that it wasn't as it was stated. I will make it my life's mission to abolish such company and their treasons. As a buyer you must be aware as well. And not from sellers but Ebay's policies and sucky rules

Here is an example why more people are leaving...

After years of shopping almost exclusively on Ebay, I realized several months ago that I no longer use Ebay for much of anything besides international purchases--and thanks to the shopping cart, I may have just made my last international Ebay purchase.

My first experience with Ebay's shopping cart and combined shipping discounts was frustrating, but at least I was able to bypass the cart's inconsistencies by requesting a total from the seller.

I wrestled with the shopping cart again this week on two orders, and this time there was no reprieve--the shopping cart calculated a discount on a few items but ignored other discounts, and I couldn't request totals from the sellers because 'discounts have already been applied'. I finally had to complete the purchases with absurdly high shipping costs, and the sellers had to refund the shipping overcharge. I'm not sure how this will affect the sellers' defect rates, but I'm sure both sellers will be paying Ebay fees on the refunded shipping costs.

I don't expect everything to work seamlessly on Ebay, but after my experiences this week I finally asked both sellers whether they sell through any other channels. One has a separate storefront that I'll be using for future orders. I'm hoping the other seller, one of my favorite suppliers, will consider adding Etsy or some other more manageable channel in the future.

*Sigh*. I sure miss the Ebay that was.

It's possible that my experiences with Ebay's shopping cart have been a fluke, but it's worth checking to see what the shopping cart does with your items, and whether your customers are running into similar issues.